Buying our first house
Saving and Buying

The House Buying Process

'Happiness is ... buying your first home'

The house buying process for me and Tom started with us finding the right property.  Our main priority was to buy a house in the area close to our family. We also wanted a property that needed renovating to put our own stamp on it as Tom is a joiner so is extremely handy around the house. The first step we took was contacting a mortgage advisor, who is a friend of a friend, to find out the likelihood of us being able to get a mortgage and look into the amount of money we could borrow. 
 After scrolling down right move daily and viewing house after house with no luck, we decided to write a letter to post into every house we liked (and thought we could afford) around our local area explaining that we were first time buyers looking to buy a house similar to there’s and to contact us if they wanted to sell and this would also cut out an estate agent. We delivered the letters to 70 houses that we thought would be suitable and our luck finally changed in December 2018 when one of these property owners got in touch and we arranged to view the interior of the house. As soon as we walked into the house, we knew it was the one. The homeowners had recently had the house valued at £150,000 and that is the price we agreed on.

Once we found the right house what happened next

We both contacted a solicitor on the 7th January once Christmas and the new year was all over and done with to start the ball rolling. We chose Coates solicitors  who were brilliant and local to us. I highly recommend choosing a local solicitor as you can easily pop into store if you are struggling to get through on the phone or need to get documents to them as soon as possible. 

How the house buying process went overall for us

The house buying process for us was relatively smooth with the added bonus that were only us two in the chain. The solicitors guided us through the process keeping us informed of the progress and next steps. We picked the keys up on the 15th March 2019, which means it took 10 weeks from contacting the solicitors for the sale to go through. 

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  1. That was such a good idea to post letters in the houses you liked! Congratulations on the new house – so exciting and rewarding to have built your own place. Becca x

  2. Congratulatioms on your first house! I can’t wait to read your ideas and tips!

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