What we used: leftover wallpaper, photo frames, scissors 

Where from: Wallpaper from BNQ, Photo frames from Matalan 

Individual costs: small frame £4, medium frame £5, large frame £7, wallpaper was left over from wallpapering the opposite wall .

Total cost: £16


The steps taken to complete the transformation

  • First we went to Matalan and bought the photo frames
  • Then we chose which sections of wallpaper we would like in the frames
  • We marked the wallpaper with a pencil by using the paper template already in the frame as a size guide so that we knew where to cut
  •  We cut the wallpaper with scissors on the pencil line
  • We used the little circle sticky pads that were already on the template in the frame to stick the wallpaper in the frame
  • We repeated this with the other two photo frames and after this it was time to hang the frames on the wall.
  • We completed the look using gold screws to fit in with the colour scheme


What we used: a clothes rail, two brackets, S shape hooks and bulldog clips

Where from:  Clothes rail and brackets from IKEA, S shape hooks from Wilko,  bulldog clips from Ebay

Individual costs: Clothes rail with brackets £5, S shape hooks £2 each , bulldog clips £2.20 for 5  

Total cost: £15.20


The steps taken to complete the transformation

  • First we screwed the brackets to each side of the wardrobe at the height that we wanted the rail.  
  • Then we pushed the rail into the brackets so it was secure in place
  • We slotted the S shaped hooks over the rail 
  • For the last step we attached the bulldog clips to the heels to hold them together and slotted the heels onto the S hooks