What we used: grout removing tool, damp sponge, grout, grout float, bucket, dry cloth

Where from: grout removing tool,grout float & Mapei white grout from B&Q

Individual costs: grout removing tool £2.49 / grout £7.75 / grout float £5.49 / we already had bucket, sponge and cloth

Total cost: £15.73


The steps taken to complete the transformation

  •  We began by removing the old grout out of the tiles using the grout removing tool by moving the tool up and down along the grout. 
  • Once we removed as much grout as we could, we mixed up the new grout in a bucket with a scraper and read the instructions as to how much water we should add to make the right consistency with no lumps. 
  •  We started to apply the grout in between the tiles using the grout float, making sure all the gaps were filled with grout
  • We scraped the excess off the tiles using the float and cleaned the tiles with a slightly damp sponge in circular motions until we were happy with how the tiles looked. 
  • To finish we went over the tiles with a dry cloth to buff the tiles up