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Lets Talk White Paint

Lets talk white paint...

One of the most noticeable transformations that we did when getting our house was painting everything white. The walls, ceiling, skirting boards, architraves,  door frames, staircase and porch door all had a fresh coat of white paint. This totally freshened the house up and made the rooms seem a lot brighter at a small cost as we did all the painting ourselves with the help from family and friends.

The white on the walls acts as a neutral base to add any colour scheme to the room and also makes the room look bigger and more open. One way we have made a white wall look effective is by having a big print/poster as the main attraction and this has created a contrast against the white whilst keeping a calming, minimalist vibe. In other rooms we have used the white walls to sit back and allow for a detailed feature wall to be the focus.

Using a fairly big paint roller was best for painting larger areas especially the ceiling, but we used a thin small paint brush when cutting in near the edges. We used a few different sized paint brushes when painting the wood. Weirdly we also used our hands to paint the areas we couldn’t reach any other way which included behind the radiators and the spindles on the staircase, but please be aware certain paints do not wash off skin that easily so keep a bottle of turps handy if trying this technique.

The paint that we used for the wood was ‘Dulux Eggshell Quick Dry Pure Brilliant White’. I highly recommend this paint as to start with we used a different wood paint that really flaked off and looked quite patchy once dry so we had to sand all of the wood down and we decided to give the eggshell a try. This paint has good coverage and has left a really nice finish.

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