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5 way to declutter your home

Declutter Your Home

As it is the start of 2021, I am motivated to organise my home and clear out the old, to make room for my new christmas gifts. Below are 5 ways that I found to help declutter your home.

1) Clear Out The Kitchen Cupboards

Start in the kitchen and go though the cupboards or pantry to declutter. Take everything out of one cupboard at a time and only put back what you know you will use. 

Check use by dates of old tinned foods, cut down to one of each pots, pans and utensils. Assess whether you will really use some of the gadgets you have or whether you could donate them to someone who would use them more.  Think smartly when placing things back in the cupboard depending how often you use them to whether they go at the front or back. Make the most of the space you have by stacking up or buy storage containers. 

kitchen cupboards

2) Declutter The Bathroom

Start by sorting through toiletries, try to use up nearly empty shampoos or shower gels (if you are anything like me and have 2 or 3 bottles open at the same time). Buy a cabinet for under the sink to store toiletries. Be ruthless and create a pile of items you aren’t going to use and find a charity to donate these too providing they are unopened.

If you have a small bathroom, create a basket for each person in the house with their towels and toiletries in to store in their bedroom and bring into the bathroom when required. Buy a bathroom tidy box to store any cleaning products, this could have a lock added if you have children around.

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3) Clear Out Wardrobe/Clothes

 There are always them clothes in your wardrobe that you keep for a day you ‘might decide to wear them’. The rule that I go by is if I haven’t worn an item in the last 6 months, I think of the reason why I haven’t worn it and if I’m not sure, I get rid. 

Season your wardrobe and have a winter and a summer one. When it is summer, take jumpers that you know you wont wear in the summer and put them in a vacuum bag to store under the bed and leave just the summer items in your wardrobe and when it is winter swap it around. I put all my holiday clothes such as bikinis, beach towels etc. in my suitcase under the bed as these clothes only get worn when I go on holidays and the suitcase still takes up the same amount of space whether its full or not. 

declutter your home

4) Buy Storage Containers To Declutter Your Home

There are so many different storage containers you can buy. From clear containers for foods like cereals to vacuum bags for storing clothes to put under your bed. These can be purchased from most bargain shops, IKEA, Amazon or even small businesses. You can label these containers so you know what is in them and stack them up or sit them side by side so they are visable and easy for you to get to. 

sort out in isolation

5) Find A Place For Everything

As Christmas has just gone, this is the perfect time to find a place for everything in your home to get that minimalist vibe. Anything that you do not use regular can be stored away instead of taking room up on a shelf or somewhere else on show. 

Think about what type of item it is and what room it would belong in best. I find it best to put all similar items that I’m not sure where to store into piles as these can all stay together,  so you know where to find them.  Once everything has its ‘home’, try to maintain this tidiness by putting everything away after use to avoid the build up. 

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  1. I love it, it looks so good!
    It is so satisfying having a good declutter. I love to take before and after pics so I can look back at how well I’ve done!
    Cora |
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  2. Charity says:

    These are such great ways to declutter your home. Thanks so much for sharing! I am definitely ready to do some spring cleaning and organization around my house too!

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