18 Fall Home Décor Trends You’ll Love

Fall is quickly approaching and you can expect lower temperatures in the next few months. If you are into shopping for fall, this is the right time to snap up some trendy items to prepare your home for the cooler weather.

This article reviews fall home décor trends with affordable options that will make your home a sanctuary.


Velvet is one of the best fabrics for interior design. The heavier design will make your living space cosier and warmer. Consider buying some throw pillows with velvet covers to give your home an instant touch of elegance this fall.

Bringing The Outdoors In

With fall fast approaching, you do not want to leave your outdoor furniture to be destroyed by the adverse weather. The latest trend is to bring the outdoors inside. This aspect is not limited to furniture or turning your home into a greenhouse. Bringing the outdoors inside also includes choosing natural fibres and fabrics, such as rattan and wood, and enhancing natural light. Other options include using wallpapers with floral motifs and nature-inspired ceramics.

Smart Lighting

As fall is fast approaching, there is a need for energy-efficient and more sustainable lighting options. Decorative smart lighting is not just functional but also comfortable and more convenient. Swap your regular bulbs for smart options that bring ambience and allow you to set your schedules


Wood remains one of the ancient yet calming materials for the interior design of any home. Wood is also perfect for making your living space look larger and airier. Some rustic designs will make your home feel warmer and naturally beautiful.

Woven Items

Woven texture is becoming a trend in modern homes. With a touch of softness and beauty, baskets, furniture fittings, rugs, and other woven items of all sizes and shapes are an element of elegance in every living space.

Sculptural Light Fixtures

Sculptural light fixtures such as lampshades are more popular than ever. For instance, the Italian and Japanese designs are becoming a hit in modern homes. Add these unique pieces to your living space for better illumination with a touch of chic.

Light Inspired Curtains And Drapers

We all know fall with sunlight. As much as summer is soon going away, you still need more light in your rooms without catching a cold by opening the doors and windows. The perfect solution is light-inspired, ceiling-to-floor drapers. Add these pieces to your walls, doors, and windows, to let light in and give your room a facelift this fall.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are fast becoming the most popular window treatment accessories. This is mainly because they are highly functional and stylish with a touch of aesthetic appeal. Accordingly, wood is a highly preferred material consistent with trends. It also offers reliable and durable solutions to window blinds for comfort and elegance in your home. Get these energy-efficient options on your windows today, and experience fall like no other.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been a hit for the past few years and continue to trend. With lower temperatures this fall, you can use plants to bring calm and clarity and purify your indoor air. Use plants to enhance the functionality and beauty of your space.

Edible Gardens

As indoor plants continue trending, there is an emphasis on edible plants. Grow your vegetables and herbs on the shelves for natural beauty and food.

Wall Art

You no longer have to keep boring walls. With the increase in popularity of wall arts, you can turn your walls into a statement using unique pieces of art. There are also a wide variety of DIY projects you can complete with papers, colours, and adhesive products from Glue Guns Direct.

Natural Colours

Still, on the walls: nature-inspired and earthy colours are becoming seasonal trends, especially when layered with deeper shades and warm undertones. You can explore more using classic colours from pumpkin leaves with a mix of two or more shades.

Dark Hues

Dark is a breathtaking tone. Additionally, dark is an expressive colour when used correctly, and it is fast becoming an interior design trend. Think of using dark hues in your bedroom to improve the quality of your sleep this fall. You can also use dark hues to supplement your artwork and headboard in the living room.

Vintage Furnishings

Vintage and bespoke home décor are the latest trends for fall. The COVID-19 pandemic may have brought the need to make your living space more personalised and functional. Find peace of mind and comfort from some vintage designs and items. Consider buying bespoke pieces such as glassware, candlesticks, and other antique furnishings.

Geometric Shapes

Vintage pieces and shapes are not going anywhere any time soon. As designers become wild for hard-edged geometry, you can also add a touch of suspense, tension, and drama to your living space using these postmodern pieces

Multi-Purpose Living Space

As suggested before, there is a need for making your living more functional. Since the pandemic, many people have added workspaces, gyms, and classrooms to their homes. This calls for multifunctional equipment to make work more manageable. For instance, you may want to buy a mirrored chest of drawers that doubles as your study table this fall.

Luxury Living

This fall will be all about design versatility and livable luxury. Therefore, you have to prepare to transition by remodelling your unused spaces using multipurpose furniture concepts. Think about adding comfortable upholstery, durable fabrics, and pieces that inspire versatility and livable luxury.

Layered Bedroom

Your bedroom and bed linen should be cosy and comfortable. The good news is that this fall comes with another trend to add to your style and comfort. Add more layers to your bedroom and bed this season with warm-coloured linen, shags, and throws. Combine it with layering curtains and patterned rugs to make your room look bigger and more textured. Additionally, you can choose between light and dark options for this trend and still keep the mood high in your home.

The Bottom Line

A change in seasons should be accompanied by a change in design without sacrificing style, functionality, and comfort. Fall is typically a colder season with less sunlight. Therefore, you should be on the watch out for home décor trends that enhance the energy efficiency, comfort, and functionality of your living space. Use these tips to prepare for fall and modernise your home.

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