What we used: Clear square glass jars, letter stickers and of course herbs & spices

Where from: The jars & stickers are from Hobby Craft

Individual costs:  A 12 pack of jars- £5.90 / the letter stickers – £1.45  

Total cost: (not including herbs and spices): £7.35


The steps taken to complete the transformation 

  • We purchased the jars and stickers online from hobby craft
  • We washed the jars out
  • We individually stuck the stickers on the jars starting from the middle letter in the word working out to ensure we got the words straight and central
  • We carefully poured the herbs/spices into the correctly labelled jars and placed them in the cupboard.


What we used: Clear glass jars 

Where from: IKEA

Individual costs: £3

Total cost: £12


The steps taken to complete the transformation

  • We purchased the jars from IKEA
  • We washed the jars out
  •  Then we carefully poured the cereals, pasta and spaghetti into the jars

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