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Hey I'm Adele, Welcome to Dull to Desirable

I decided to create this website to share our story of how we saved a deposit and bought a house at such a young age, the highs and lows of our first renovation project, interior design inspiration and DIY quirks. 


Follow us as we make our house a home.




Our Kitchen from Dull to Desirable

When we moved into our house, the kitchen was liveable but we wanted to modernise it to our taste and change the layout. Me and Tom had always dreamed of having a social kitchen to invite family and friends around and host. When we were searching for the right property, we wanted a kitchen that had room for an island in the middle but never expected we would get this in our first home. Continue Reading…

Let's Talk White Paint

One of the most noticeable transformations that we did when getting our house was painting everything white. The walls, ceiling, skirting boards, architraves,  door frames, staircase and porch door all had a fresh coat of white paint. This totally freshened the house up and made the rooms seem a lot brighter at a small cost as we did all the painting ourselves with the help from family and friends. Continue Reading…
Buying our first house

The House Buying Process

For me and Tom, finding the right property revolved around buying in the area close to our family. We also wanted a property that needed renovating to put our own stamp on it as Tom is a joiner so is extremely handy around the house. The first step we took was contacting a mortgage advisor, who is a friend of a friend, to find out the likelihood of us being able to get a mortgage and look into the amount of money we could borrow. Continue Reading… 
saving a house deposit

How we saved a deposit and bought a house at 20 years old

Saving money is never easy, especially when paying money out to rent. Me and Tom were really lucky to have had the luxury of living with our parents until we saved a deposit to buy our first home together. Continue Reading…

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